OBJECTIVE: The Dana Agency client The Elser Hotel was seeking an exclusive experiential partnership to amplify its personalized guest offerings and elevated brand messaging. Our agency brokered an exclusive partnership with Spectre Sea, a distinguished bespoke yachting firm, to offer personalized yachting experiences for Elser Hotel guests. No other hotel in Miami is offering these services with Spectre Sea. 

APPROACH: Our agency kicked off the partnership with a moving launch party, which started on a Spectre Sea yacht for a sunset cocktail hour and ended on The Elser’s expansive sundeck for a dinner experience and overnight stays for all guests. Attendees included reality TV stars, celebrities, media, influencers and the entire cast and crew of the Dan Le Batard Show, which currently broadcasts out of The Elser Hotel. Additionally, The Dana Agency implemented an aggressive media relations strategy, pitching the partnership and offering in tandem with a variety of other media angles, including Father’s Day, summer staycations, family travel and more. 

RESULTS: Coverage included print and online media placements from local and regional to national and international editorial. Local/regional highlights included a summer staycation story in seven regional print publications with Lifestyle Media Group that was also published online and featured via e-newsletter. National/international coverage included print and online coverage in Global Miami Magazine, Forbes Mexico and Forbes Colombia, which was also featured via social media on Forbes Life Latam’s pages.