Kalla, a new couture floral delivery service, turned to The Dana Agency to make a splash with their launch in Miami. Unlike other brands, Kalla is a truly artistic, high end and one-of-a-kind gifting experience. Receiving flowers is an elaborate white-glove experience, not just a brown box at your doorstep. We loved the concept and knew that Miami media would love it, too. The challenge was getting them to pay attention long enough for us to introduce them to the concept of “floral couture,” while simultaneously encouraging them to share the Kalla experience. 

To optimize impact, The Dana Agency in conjunction with the Riviere Agency used a multi-staged approach, first building buzz by seeding Kalla with the city’s most influential media, socialites and celebrities. We knew that, once they saw the ornate presentation, they would take to social media to share, building buzz among their communities. We also previewed Kalla in strategic parts of the city by erecting stunning flower cart pop-up installations at high-traffic destinations such as spas, boutiques and hotels. Then, we introduced the brand to the media, going “behind-the-stems” to tell the intriguing story of Kalla’s inspiration. Finally, we staged an elaborate launch party at Soho House, including interactive components showcasing Kalla’s state-of-the-art technology.

Every detail was accounted for, from the giant human flower performer on stilts to the custom branded, floating pool logo and live flower step-and-repeat. The results were astounding! Every major media outlet profiled Kalla, calling it “Haute Horticulture” while local celebrities and VIPS took to social media to share their Kalla experience with friends.

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