Within the past few months, a call to action for racial justice and awareness for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities has been on the rise. Companies are seeking ways to implement changes and find solutions for the equity and safety of their employees in the workplace.  

About 76 percent of BIPOC say they have experienced workplace discrimination. Some people remain silent when they witness or experience misconduct in fear of the consequences for speaking out. Now with #NotMe, organizations can foster a culture of safety, proactivity and accountability for their BIPOC employees by addressing misconduct directly.

#NotMe is a free and anonymous app that functions as an accessible tool for victims and witnesses of any kind of misconduct, including racial and sexual. Shifting away from the #MeToo messaging of victimization, #NotMe was created to empower people to report an issue anonymously right from their phones in as few as three minutes.

Andy Hinton, the former Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Google Inc. and now a #NotMe advisor, helps provide solutions for organizations with his experience on these issues given his extensive professional background as an Assistant District Attorney in New York and the Associate General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for GE Commercial Finance.

#NotMe equips organizations with a way to uncover discrimination, harassment and other issues by monitoring and identifying patterns in the app’s reports so that they are informed about the problems that exist within their company culture. Companies can then use these insights to take actionable measures.

Organizations that use the app receive a certified #NotMe Culture badge to show that they are committed to creating a safe workplace that does not tolerate misconduct, allowing employees to feel that they are taken care of and that these organizations take such matters seriously. They can feel comfortable and confident in knowing that misconduct, of any kind, is directly addressed and that their value goes beyond just being employees, but rather a cared for and valued team member. 

Employees, now more than ever, expect their workplace to provide a safe and trusting environment where they can confidently voice their opinions, concerns and grievances. #NotMe is an important tool to establish racial and gender equity in the workplace. 

Show your support for BIPOC and strive to shift the corporate culture by saying #NotMe alongside other organizations that hold employees’ safety and needs as their utmost priority.

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