OBJECTIVE: Quest Workspaces, the country’s largest woman-owned shared workspace company, offers tenants a one-of-a-kind office experience with its “resimercial” approach. Each of Quest’s spaces is meticulously designed to feel like a comfortable space in an upscale “dream home” with an interior designer’s touch, promoting community, in-person collaboration and creativity alongside productivity. The Dana Agency was tasked with raising the visibility of Quest Workspaces as the leader in the shared workspace industry, leveraging its unique approach to design and positioning it as an organization that provides a professional yet innovative and sometimes playful environment. 

APPROACH: The Dana Agency recommended that Quest leverage the pop culture wave surrounding the premiere of the Barbie movie to expose the shared workspace brand to new audiences while naturally showcasing the similarities between the two brands: female leadership, decades of resilience, and an affinity for design. 

The Dana Agency recommended Quest build out a Barbie Dream Office that would be available for photos and reservations and focused our efforts on garnering both traditional media and social media exposure to raise overall awareness of Quest Workspaces on a national scale. The agency invited lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencers to have their photos taken by a professional photographer inside the Barbie Dream Office, giving them custom content for their feeds and ensuring they tagged Quest Workspaces and shared more about the office with their followers. 

RESULTS: Everyone was talking about Quest Workspaces’ Barbie Dream Office, and social media content dominated feeds throughout South Florida. The activation garnered more than 2 million social media impressions and 94 million media impressions. The event was so popular that it was nearly impossible to keep track of social media posts, as more than 50 influencers attended the activation. In less than 48 hours, daily reservations for the Barbie Dream Office were booked solid for the first month. The space was also reserved by a tenant for a premium rate thereafter.